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Comic Books

Since I was a child I loved comic books. As a teenager I collected a great number of them. Now that I am older I only collect a few titles on a regular basis, but I still love comic books.

The Spirit Wildwood Cemetery: The Spirit Database

Created by Will Eisner in 1940, the character appeared in weekly newspapers until 1952. Since the 1970s reprints of those comic strips have been appearing. Currently all of the strips are reprinted in chronological order in a series of hardback volumes.

Will Eisner is generally recognised as one of the greatest comic book storytellers of the twentieth century.

This site covers all of the adventures, creators and appearances of the characters.

Citadel Supreme

Originally created by Rob Liefeld during the comic book boom of the 1990s, as part of his empire of comic book characters. With issue 41, english writer Alan Moore took over the scripts, and with the assistance of a group of talented artists, managed to (re)create a golden age for this character who bore a resemblance to a popular comic book character who first appeared in the late 1930s.

This site covers all the issues published which were written by Alan Moore, as well as those other comic book titles which Moore worked on which featured the character. 

Plus! These websites...
Zagor - a page on this Italian comic book character who first appeared in the 1960s, and is still being published.
Master Man - a page on this golden age comic book character who appeared in the first 6 issues of Master Comics.


I cannot remember what the first movie was that I saw. But I do enjoy a LOT of different types of movies. With a good title you can forget all your worries and just sit back and enjoy the movie.

Darkman Darkman Database

After the success of the Evil Dead movies, but before the success of the Spider-Man movies, Sam Raimi started off this movie franchise.

Darkman was a scientist who gets horribly disfigured but has his strength augmented, and who can appear as anyone (but only for upto 99 minutes in sunlight).

The site covers the characters appearances in the movies, television, novels, comic books and computer games.

Naked Gun

With the apparent failure of the Police Squad television series, the producers decided to make a movie based on the same characters. Bingo!

Bringing a new career to star Leslie Nielsen in comedic roles, the series of movies spawned two successful sequels.

This site looks at all three movies, the main cast, and the many guest stars who appeared.

Frank Drebin
PLUS! This website...
Terra & Wes' Movie Review - reviews of popular movies from two fans, one from the USA, the other from the UK!


I have not actually read that many pulps, not being around at their height during the 1930s-1950s. However, their influence on other media in the twentieth century cannot be denied.

Doc Savage Doc Savage

The original man of steel, this character first appeared in 1933 , where most of his 181 adventures were written by Lester Dent.

This page looks at the history of the character in the pulps, and the characters varied appearances in other media.

Who Knows What Evil Lurks in the Hearts of Men?

The character may be best known on the radio, or possibly in the movies. However, this masked vigilante first appeared in the pulps.

This page looks at the characters history and appearances in other media.

The Shadow



Having used the internet for nearly a decade, I have found a lot of good and cheap places to buy items from. Hopefully some of the pages below will help you to find something you want to buy at a reasonable price.

Superman in Action Comics Archive#1 DC Archives available to purchase

A page listing all of the DC Archives line which are available to order and pre-order.

DC Comics started a great series back in the 1980s with this series of hardback reprints of some of their characters earliest adventures.

Marvel Essentials available to buy

A reasonably priced telephone sized black & white reprints of some of the best (and some of the most unusual) Marvel comics.

This page lists all of the Marvel Essentials still available to order and pre-order.

Essential Avengers#3
PLUS! These websites...
Gold Key - a list of the Gold Key comic reprints from the 1960s and 1970s available to purchase.
OTR - a selected list of American and British old time radio shows available to purchase on CD.
Showcase Presents- a list of all the Showcase Presents range available to purchase  UPDATED OCTOBER 2009 - New and updated titles available!
Soundtracks - a selected list of soundtracks from the movies and television available to purchase on CD.


Like the movies, I cannot remember the first television show I watched. Also like the movies, I do enjoy a LOT of different shows.

Frank Drebin and friend Police Squad! In Color

Before the successful Naked Gun movies, this short lived series introduced Frank Drebin to the world.

These pages include synopsis on all of the episodes, a look at the characters, and the guest stars who appeared.


The Outer Limits

One of the best series of the 1960s was this short lived science fiction anthology.

My favourite episode also has it's own page.

Around 30 years later a new version of the series would appear.

A classic episode starring Robert Culp - Demon with a Glass Hand
PLUS! This website...
Keep Those Doggies Moving - a page looking at one of the best episodes of Rawhide!